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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Welcome to my new craft blog. I thought I would start out with a sewing project. I sometimes pick up a copy of Inspirations magazine. It's a wonderful Australian publication with great projects. I saw an awesome handbag in issue 54 that I had to make. The front of the bag has 3 hand embroidered dress forms, each donning a dress made of silk dupioni. The project took a very long time because I didn't like making the dresses and I kept shelving it. But it's finally done and here are a few picures.
The front of the bag:

Here is a closeup of the dresses:

(Yes, those are little embroidered shoes)

And finally a shot of the back:

Thanks for stopping by.


Ina said...

Welcome to blogland! I'm just surfing over from Lisa's. ::waves hi::

Anonymous said...

Miss L,

I don't know which is cuter. The bag with the dresses or you!

Nice Blog

Anonymous said...

Nice blog but where's the scrapbooking?

Anonymous said...

Miss L,
You are amazing!!!!!!