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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Noah's Ark Quilt

Now that the Noah's Ark quilt has been delivered to Miss N as a present for her first birthday I can post some pictures. This quilt was pieced BEFORE I'd figured out the problem with my 1/4 inch seams so some of the joins are not as nice as I'd like them. Overall, I like the way it came out.

Lot's of "fussy cutting".

I had the quilt machine quilted by someone in a neighboring town. We decided on fluffy clouds to match the backing fabric.

Happy Birthday Miss N!!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008


BOM VII arrived and I promptly pieced it together with my new 1/4 inch foot. BOM VI turned out great once I figured out how to get a perfect seam with the presser feet I had. The 1/4 inch foot was already on it's way so I decided to keep it. Block VII was designed by Debbie Beaves and is called Sawtooth Patchwork Block.

Look at those points! Look at those seams! Perfect!
After I finished this block, I compared VI and VII with the first 5. I can't live with them. None are the correct finished size and the points and seams aren't quite right. I contacted the BOM people and ordered another set of the first 5 blocks. At first I couldn't believe that I could chuck the wonky ones away but hey, there is a lot of work going into this quilt and I will not be happy with the outcome if I let this go. I'll just cut my losses now and redo them. I'll repost the before and after's when I'm done.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Extremely Fun Pillow Cases

I've been on a roll lately with the pillow cases. Probably because I like sleeping so much. :) I found this book at Michael's Craft store and couldn't resist. This little book is filled with the best projects for bags, pillow cases and more. Good way to use up those fabric pieces. So far I've made 2 of the pillow case projects from the book for my 2 great nephews...the lion and the shark.
The front end (can you see the legs hanging on the side?):

The back end:

The shark:

They are both very cute but I have to say that I like the shark best. The batik fabric I found with the fish on it was perfect. One thing I learned from this, shark's teeth are way easier to make than a lion's mane!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Pillow Cases/ DSL Hell

I didn't know what to title today's post. I have been living in DSL hell for about a month. I'm waiting for the Verizon technician as I write this and hope that I don't lose my connection before I'm finished. Enough about that. I love making pillow cases. They are an inexpensive, easy project with very fun results. I made these for my friend's 3 girls. They had a 40% off sale at Joann's on Debbie Mumm holiday could I resist.

I have 2 more in the works that are..."different". I'll post those as soon as I'm finished.