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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Easy Empire-Waist Top

Well, maybe the Not-So-Easy Empire-Waist Top. I made this VERY cute top from Amy Butler's Little Stitches book. The projects in this book are rated 1 - 5...1 being the easiest and 5 the most difficult. This top had a rating of 4. Seems to go against the "easy" part of the name. I do a LOT of sewing and there were a couple of challenging parts but I'm happy with the project overall. Of course what would a shirt be without a hat and bloomers? The hat and bloomers came from the same book. The hat is really great. It has a stuffed butterfly in the front that is attatched with velcro. A built-in toy!




I have to say that I really like EVERY project in this book and I intend to make every one!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Key Fob

My daughter informed me a couple of weeks ago that she and her boyfriend are getting married! Woo hoo. Oh yea, on October 17th...of this year! I'm having a bridal shower here at my house for her in September. One of the things we discussed was shower favors. My daughter is very practical and wanted something useful so I suggested key fobs. I've seen these around and wanted one for myself. Here was my chance. She picked out pretty ribbon at I LOVE this site. Great inventory and excellent service. They also have free directions for making key fobs. In case you don't know what these are, they are key chains with a handy loop to slip your hand through. So, instead of placing your keys on a counter or wherever when out shopping, just slip them on your wrist for safe keeping. I have a prototype to show you.

Only 49 more to go!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My new mystery Block of the month arrived Monday and I got right to it. It's really pretty and I think my favorite so far. I need to be more careful when I cut. It looks a little cockeyed to me but hopefully will be ok when it's incorporated into the quilt.

That's actually fabric in the center and not the carpet. I'm starting a new little outfit today from Amy Butler's Little Stitches. This books is awesome and a must have. I'll post pictures next time

Friday, August 8, 2008

Garden Wall Quilt

I've started a new quilt and I'm going to keep this one! I absolutely LOVE Anna Maria Horner's new Garden Party Fabric. There is a free pattern for the Garden Wall quilt on her site. The center is made of 9 blocks...each composed of many smaller blocks. I used approximately 13 fat quarters, all from the Garden Party collection. I should have done some basic math before I got started. I'm glad I didn't though because if I had I would have figured out that I had to cut 459 little squares and rectangles and that may have changed my mind. Block one is complete. The biggest obstacle is keeping all the pieces straight. I have all these little piles all over my desk. I think it's worth it though. Here's a picture of the first block.

Isn't it pretty? Looks like Miss L is exhausted too from all this cutting and piecing!