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Thursday, July 31, 2008


I've been doing some small scale quilting lately and I realized I'd never tried stippling. This technique involves taking your quilt sandwhich (backing fabric, batting and quilted top fabric) over to your machine, lower the feed dogs and start moving your piece around so that you have a nice pleasing meandering of stitches to hold the three layers together. You have to completely control your stitch length when the feed dogs are lowered. I've been told it's simple but takes a little practice. Hhmmm, what to make. I hate doing practice stuff. I pretty much always go right into a project and hope for the best. I decided to keep the project small. I saw this cute little girls craft bag. The front has little pockets for crayons. Very cute. Unfortunately I used monofilament thread so you can't see the stippling but take my word for's not a bad first attempt.
The front:

The back:


I sent this bag to my little buddy Katie. The cutest 4 year old on the planet. She has 2 sisters and a brother so I sent a little something for them too. Baby Maggie got a new bib.

I attached the cutest daisy applique to the front and didn't take another picture.
Big sister Alex got a beautiful pair of sea glass earrings. Picture. What picture? Do you see a trend here? And finally Ben. What to make a 9 year old boy that he won't think is stupid. I know. I had some left over fabric from the
quilt so I made him a pillowcase.

That ought to help in the "sweet dreams" department. He said it was "sick". His mother assured me that that was good.

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Anonymous said...

Hey E, You know how much I love the pillowcases. Thanks for giving me the pattern. I make them myself for the kids.. your friend H