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Monday, August 10, 2009


I’ve come across quilts and other sewn items with perfect little hexagons sewn together.  I love the look but thought the process too tedious.  I recently came across the cutest little coaster project using hexagons.  The directions suggested trying English paper piecing and sited a source for these.  They come in different sizes and actually, there are all kinds of shapes to be had.  I placed my order.  Here are my little pieces.  They are similar to a light weight cardstock.  You can cut your own but really, I got 125 pieces for $3.50. 


So, I found bits of fabric (great for using those small pieces hanging around), and proceeded to create little hexagons.  The hexagons were then sewn together by hand, the paper removed and then hand appliqued to some background fabric.  Seems like a lot of work for a coaster but I was just playing around and didn’t want to commit to anything big.  It was actually very easy and this English paper piecing technique yields perfect little hexagons.


I’m not sure I’d make a large quilt with these but they could be used in many other ways.  I also like the fact that this makes a great portable sewing project.

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