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Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Key Fobs

Remember when I made key fobs as wedding shower favors for my daughters wedding last year?  Well, I’m at it again.  My daughter signed us up for a craft fair being held at a school in Bristol, RI on Nov 7th.  I still had a package of key fob hardware (about 50 pieces) left over.  I decided to purchase 5 different colors of cotton webbing this time instead of all brown and to use fabric scraps instead of ribbon to decorate them.  The fabric really did the trick.  They are a little more work to make but well worth it.



A little Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, some 30’s and retro reproductions and voila!  SO pretty.  Let’s just hope they sell!


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Purple and Paisley said...

hi, you just left a note on my blog but i can't reply to you because your email address doesn't show? mrs. nichols "one block wonder" quilts are the kind where you find repeats in a large print fabric and then cut shapes from it - because it's done from the repeats, when you fan them out, they form a secondary pattern...very similar to stack and whack...i think you can google 'one block wonder quilts' for more info...☺