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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Posh Pillowcases

I was visiting You Go Girl and saw the amazing Posh Pillowcase sew along she was hosting.  To say I’m a little obsessed with these right now is an understatement!  You Go Girl is providing a complete tutorial on how to make your own.  Check out Rose Hip to see the most wonderful pictures of some finished pillowcases and what started the frenzy.  I’ve started my first one.

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The orange isn’t showing that great but trust me, this pillowcase is going to be awesome once the crochet edging is finished.   I’ve already got the fabric picked out for my next one.  A little Heather Bailey. Yum.

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On another note.  I picked up one of my quilts from the machine quilters last weekend.  It is supposed to look like puzzle pieces.  I think it does although the lighter fabrics don’t show up that great in this picture.  The biggest challenge with this quilt is keeping all the pieces in order so that the little legs of each puzzle piece is matched up to its appropriate main piece.  Of course I had some directional fabric in there so I also had to keep track of weather I was sewing a row or column.  This little project sat on the dining room table during construction so I could keep everything straight.  All I need to do now is add the binding and I’m done.

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1 comment:

Gina said...

Hello! I found you as one of the commenters on Posh..

What kind of yarn should be used for the crochet edge on the pillow cases? I have some to start but am not sure what kind/weight of yarn to use.

Thanks for any help!