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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tickled Pink

This sweet little sun suit came from one of my Australian Smocking magazines. It is made of light pink cotton batiste and has bullion roses along the bottom row of the smocking. The smocking is on the front and back of the top. Wide lace with bows form the hem on the top and pants. The pictures do NOT show the detail. I'm having a huge problem photographing anything that is light in color. The only reason I got this picture is because my husband heard me huffing and puffing (among other things) and came over to help.

I think I'll take out the manual that came with the camera. Gee, what a novel idea!


jean said...

last nite i left you a message with nowah's little outfit and i saw this one and said to kelly 'wow!' she's amazing...u know how comfortable that must be! (thinking they were for you or a friend) NEVER thinkN this is a child's size and that it was being mailed to nowah!!! this picture does not do the justice of beauty in your work! yes, you gotta get the camera working! this dress/outfit is one of the most beautiful outfits i've EVER seen! and all ur work is so perfectly done! words can't express our gratitude! can't wait to show pictures =)
(and i think i'm gonna ask kel to get you a better pic! this really does not do your work justice) ;)

love to you, elaine! thank you!

jean said...

kelly just got home and for about 20mins we just sat looking at all ur handwork saying oh my God! over and over and over...absolutely gorgeous! u can't even buy something like this! and the card! incredible! absolutely incredible! thank you for blessing us!