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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Noah's Ark Quilt

Now that the Noah's Ark quilt has been delivered to Miss N as a present for her first birthday I can post some pictures. This quilt was pieced BEFORE I'd figured out the problem with my 1/4 inch seams so some of the joins are not as nice as I'd like them. Overall, I like the way it came out.

Lot's of "fussy cutting".

I had the quilt machine quilted by someone in a neighboring town. We decided on fluffy clouds to match the backing fabric.

Happy Birthday Miss N!!!!!


Kel and Jean and Nowah said...

Hello Miss L!

I've been wanting to get back to you with some photos - it seems that life with a 1-year-old keeps things very busy, as you know!

Jean and I wanted to give special thanks and appreciation for all of your works and the fine fruits of your labor. Nowah looks great with your designs - she loves all of the color and love that you put into every stitch. You're a blessing to our house, and your talents have added beauty to our daughter's precious life. Thank you so much.

We appreciate your friendship and warm heart.

Blessings 2 U

...and Jean(Mom) and Nowah(Baby)!

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jean again said...

okay! i have something to admit.. =D
Nowah is not the only one using this wonderfully comfortable quilt.. i've been using it elaine =) its only right that i admit it ;) and not only that, but kelly has a picture of it on his desktop..
go elaine!
ugh! u don't know what i'd do with your talent ;) =)
xx muah