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Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Camera Bag for Alicia

My friend Pam’s daughter Alicia will be spending next semester in Australia.  She purchased a nice camera this past summer to bring with her.  She’s been unable to find the perfect camera bag.  She’d like something small enough to fit in other bags or to be able to carry it on it’s own…something nice to protect her little investment.

Alicia: Do you think Elaine could make something?

Pam: I’ll ask.

Me: OK.

I got the dimensions of the camera and went to work.  I picked two fabrics from Anna Maria Horner’s new Good Folks collection.  I quilted the bottom of the bag to make it “cushiony”.  I made a removable, adjustable strap so she could use the bag on its own or tuck away the strap and place the whole thing in another bag.  The bag has a pull string closure.  Two coats of Scotch Guard and done!  I LOVE the fabric combination.  I will have to do something for myself with these 2 fabrics.



I requested a picture of Alicia with her new bag from Australia.  I’ll post it as soon as I get it.  Hope it’s the perfect bag.


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