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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Utility Apron

If you haven’t purchased the newly released One Yard Wonders then you are missing out.


This book has the best little projects using 1 yard of fabric or less.

My daughter has been doing craft fairs selling her jewelry.  I went with her to the first craft fair.  I decided that we would need some sort of utility apron to keep our money, cell phone and other odds and ends.  My husband is a carpenter and uses them for nails and things.  I borrowed 2 from my him.  Mine was plain and slightly stained and hers was clean but had “Manny’s Hardware” written across the front.  They served the purpose but we needed something much cuter.  I remembered seeing a great little apron in this book.  I decided to use a heavier weight decorator fabric…some Amy Butler in a beautiful sateen finish.  It has 2 layers of pockets, 6 in all.  I actually made 2 because when my friend Pam saw the one I made for my daughter well…



It was a huge hit with the other vendors when she wore it last weekend.  Sorry I don’t take orders.



One Yard Wonders said...

Lovely fabric combination!! We would love it if you would add your finished One-Yard Wonder projects to our flickr group - here's the link:

Happy sewing,
Rebecca & Trish

Lisa said...

These look great!