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Monday, March 17, 2008

Birthday Gifts (2007)

There is a little group of girls that hang out and craft together. I generally try to make presents for these friends when it's birthday time. Last January (I think) there was a project in Sew News that I really loved. It was a water bottle holder. It had pouches on the side for snacks or whatever, an adjustable strap, a dog clip at the bottom for keys and it was fully lined. Perfect. Strap it on and you are ready for a walk. The project called for pac cloth. What the heck is pac cloth? After looking around I finally found everything I needed at Seattle Fabrics. They had the most wonderful colors in this waterproof fabric. Every holder would be 2 colors. I decided that they all would have black as one color and I would change up the second color. Here is a picture of the one I made for myself.

Lisa had the black/orange combo, Pauline the black/electric pink, Maria the black/very bright blue and Wendy had the black/Arrest Me Red one. Too bad I didn't take pictures. They were a hit. I know I love mine.


Lisa said...

I love mine too! Thanks for always making such awesome gifts! Are you done with this year's yet? (lol)

Anonymous said...

Both my daughter and I have used it. We both love it. What a great idea. Thanks Elaine!

Anonymous said...

Hey Elaine...I sure do love mine! I plan on using mine when I'm at my kids' soccer and baseball games! It's perfect for it!