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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Yellow Taxi

Last year (and previous years) Claudia held a raffle for all who donated to her ride for Multiple Sclerosis. I was the lucky winner of 8 oz of handspun that was donated by Chappy's Mom in a yellow taxi colorway. Yes, that's right folks, 8oz. Now, if you get on the scale in the morning to weigh yourself and you discover that you've lost 8 oz, it's a huge disappointment! But 8 oz of fiber is HUGE! Here is what I made with some of it:

These socks are great. They were knitted using the Monkey pattern. My friend Maria is going to make herself a pair of socks with some of what I have left. Who knows what else will show up in a yellow taxi!

1 comment:

--Deb said...

The socks look wonderful! You did that handspun proud....