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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Little Projects, Big Satisfaction

Seems like I can never start a large project and go all the way without picking up some little projects along the way.  Sort of a distraction as well as instant gratification.  I finally taught myself to machine applique earlier this year.  I look for things to applique.  I heart applique.  I look at things in my house and wonder how they would look with a flower, bird or dog applique.  In order to save what I do have of decor, I asked my friend Lisa to bring me a tee shirt for her daughter Rebecca that I could, of course, applique.  She brought me 2.  Miss Rebecca loves dogs and they have a huskie mix.  More huskie than mix.  Lisa got her  inexpensive (not cheap) tee shirts from Michael’s craft store.  I also happened to have small white tee from Target.  A bargain at $1.50 on the clearance rack.  I can’t believe how well they     washed.  The little Target tee was too small for some of the applique’s I have on hand so I used a cookie cutter.

IMG_0404 IMG_0405


How can you not get Big Satisfaction from these?  Scraps of fabric and very little effort.

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